By allowing members of staff to self-declare their skills and motivations, WiserSKILLS helps them identify their assets and the opportunities they can seize within their company. The purpose of this brand new HR solution is to match these data with the jobs offered by the company , thus increasing internal mobility.




Companies must adapt to a changing environment. In order to achieve that goal, they need to rely on their human capital, which will have to be able to evolve to stay competitive. Companies have no choice but to innovate in the way they understand the abilities and wishes of their employees, and to learn to capitalize on it.

However, companies commonly own too poor, incomplete or disparate data. This is why WiserSKILLS’s founders launched a brand-new tool last July, which allows companies to identify hidden talents and better design career paths. WiserSKILLS allows employees to self-declare the skills they acquired all along their career, as well as the motivations that drive them. Based on a strong algorithm, WiserSKILLS aims at being a management tool and not an expert system. Wiserskills traces the right person for the right position, also rationalizing training programs and career paths.


HR data at the very heart of predictive management


WiserSKILLS incorporates all the new jobs emerging in the wake of business transformation,. It offers an precise mapping of all skills existing, be they professional or not, including the skills that will be key to acquire in the coming years. WiserSKILLS is a unique asset for companies’ HR transformation. As internal mobility is managed in a better and faster way – thanks to a better understanding of profiles and a better profile fit – the probability of success in a job is strongly increased.

WiserSKILLS allows workers to become the actors of their own career. They become more involved in their career plans and can identify the jobs in which they will flourish.

According to Jean-Bernard Girault and Carole Menguy, the co-founders of WiserSKILLS, a company’s successful transformation relies on its ability to redesign jobs with the help of its employees. “HR data are the key competence a company needs to grow. The digital transformationis changing labour, and is changing jobs.New jobs are emerging, that require specific skills. It is crucial to bet on people’s capabilities and motivations in order to successfully achieve this transformation. And this very data is in the hands of employees themselves.
Even though WiserSKILLS developed its own jobs map, we can use and aggregate our clients’ competency frameworks , thus homogenizing the way a company identifies and manages skills. Members of staff are encouraged to complete online profiles, filling out skills and motivations that will be defined in the context of their company. They are free to share their data with their HR manager.


A double-sided interface solution


The employee interface allows the user to self-declare experiences, skills and motivations, to identify the jobs that best fits their motivations, and to build his career. Tests may help the member of staff define his assets – if he is willing to.
The HR interface, thanks to an algorithm and the data provided by employees, allows the HR staff to fill vacant positions and support employees in their mobility projects.Members of staff are supported to support them in their mobility, and to take stock on the Job and Competency Planning. Other data of the company (from HRIS for example) can be added to this space.
Currently being tested in two large international companies, WiserSKILLS already plans new features, which will be launched before the end of the year.